Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Take your pick from our exclusive selection of fresh fruits and vegetables

When it comes to your health and that of your customers, do not compromise! Pick up fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables from our diverse stock and get your daily dose of nutrition. From a vast selection of apples, avocados, berries to beetroot, asparagus, cabbages and much more, you’ll find only the freshest ingredients in our stock. We source the freshest stock from the Green Belt of India through our supplier - Mhetre Group Pvt. Ltd. They ensure perfect climate control for the fruits and vegetables through the ripening and cooling chambers to achieve the perfect color, quality, taste and texture.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Stock up your pantry with the superior quality of frozen foods

Whether you need a stock for your restaurant or supermarket, you can count on BLU FZE to supply the highest quality of frozen fruits, vegetables and more. Our comprehensive range of frozen foods is passed through exhaustive processes, using the best-in-breed technologies of blast freezing, plate freezing and IQF to achieve superior quality and hygiene standards. We serve a wide range of clients such as wholesalers around the country, shops, hotels, hostels, caterers and restaurants. Our team works hard to gratify our customers by delivering the best products at a fair price and in a timely manner all year round.

No more hunting around for fresh produce! Choose BLU FZE for the health and nutrition needs of your family and clients.
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