BLU FZE has a rich trading experience in the packaging business for the past 10 years. We have been trading all over the GCC, LEVANT and IMEA regions. As a part of our expansion plan, we have entered the fresh and frozen food industry. We source our organic produce directly from the farmers in India and bring it straight to the MENA and South Asian regions.

To realize our business goals, we have collaborated with one of the leading manufacturers of the frozen food items hailing from India - Mhetre Group Pvt. Ltd. Their innovative processing plant is strategically located in Pune, India, which forms the Green Belt of India.

BLU FZE seeks to establish an eminent distribution network in the MEA and to add value for our customers and partners. We value the health of our consumers and ensure that our product is 100% hygienic, chemical-free and organic.

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Our Vision

To be one of the leading and versatile distributors of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables in the MENA and South Asian region.

Our Mission

To build and expand on our expertise in the preservation of fresh and frozen food items, maintaining the highest possible standards at reasonable rates to encourage health and nutrition for all.